Family Summit

Family Summit


Sharing the Good News…

Self-made and hardworking, many of our clients at The Washington Wealth Group have spent a lifetime building their dreams. Years of effort and sacrifice transformed their once modest balance sheets into a sizable legacy that fills them with pride.  But, while these matriarchs and patriarchs have surpassed the typical worries regarding financial security, they are now faced with concerns about how their wealth will be perpetuated by generations to follow.

…With the Next Generation

Members of the next generation are frequently unaware of the philosophy behind the decisions you’ve made or their role in stewarding your wealth into the future.  Our ongoing education and coaching aids these individuals in understanding their responsibilities, ensuring there are no longer questions or doubts about your intentions.  Additionally, we encourage thoughtful consideration about their own financial footing and serve as a sounding board for their planning needs.

You, too, may be searching for a way to translate all the goodness you’ve created into a plan that implements your wishes and provides clarity to those who stand to inherit your estate.  Throughout our process, we’ll not only formalize your objectives, we’ll also facilitate a Family Summit whereby your loved ones are brought into the discussion.  The goal of this gathering is to communicate the values and beliefs you want to preserve as your prosperity is transferred to those you have identified.

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